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imgIn a normally functioning brain we take in stimuli or information through our five senses, our brain then electrochemically sorts, organises and stores that information much like a computer hard drive. Also like a computer, each person needs a software package to translate the electrochemical bits of information into symbolic representation. That software package is our minds. Different than our brains, our mind is the ambiguous and untraceable component of human consciousness that makes sense of the world around us.

Often when a person is frustrated or unsuccessful in a learning environment it is not because the person does not have the capacity to learn. It is due to how the information is presented or how the environment is structured.

LCR international develops materials to help individuals understand the relationship between their brain and mind, to communicate their learning needs and struggles, and to use their personal learning patterns with intention.

Understanding learning patterns starts by taking the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI). The LCI is a statistically valid and reliable instrument that has been internationally field tested over 12 years with applicable versions from primary school through adult education and also a version for professional environments.

Book ImageThe LCI is not a skills assessment nor determinant of achievement or success. It is designed to help people recognise and understand the ways in which they interpret and operationalize information. The vocabulary provided by the LCI helps each person explain who they are as an individual learner, and also provides strategies for how to use your personal learning processes with intention.

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"When I started to work with the LCI I had a new view of my way of learning. I realised I can improve many things with my students and work mates. Now, I use LCI in my everyday work and the results in my University are significant…"

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